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X107.5 Presents OBC (Our Big Concert)

obc 2017 notix X107.5 Presents OBC (Our Big Concert)

X107.5’s OBC (Our Big Concert)
When: Thu., June, 22, 2017
Where: Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, 200 S. 3rd St., Las Vegas
Sponsors: Coors Light, Saint Archer, RideNow Powersports, Findlay Volkswagen Henderson & Findlay North Volkswagen Centennial Hills


obc sponsors v1 X107.5 Presents OBC (Our Big Concert)
Join X107.5 for the 2017 edition of one of our greatest concerts each year: OBC.


Interested in VIP Packages at OBC? Please visit for more info!

Interested in booking a poolside cabana at OBC? Please contact Kara Eid at 702-388-2467 or!

The OBC 2017 Lineup

Bishop Briggs

bishop briggs photo X107.5 Presents OBC (Our Big Concert)While those in a Tokyo karaoke bar may not have realized it, they were witnesses to a life-altering experience for four-year-old Bishop Briggs. As she sang her first song in public, Bishop fell instantly in love with performing, and her auspicious debut served not only as an indelible touchpoint, but also the initial indicator of an unmistakable identity.

Born to Scottish parents, raised in Japan and Hong Kong, immersed in American pop-culture, and having attended college in Hollywood, Bishop is a true world citizen. She began writing her own songs at the age of seven, and would perform these unfiltered observations about her life to a captive audience: her family. It is now recognized that this precociousness, coupled with her upbringing, would draw a clear line to who she would become.

During her early years in Los Angeles, Bishop hit the pavement; focused and on a clear mission, she was never too proud to play any venue that would have her, often to crowds smaller than would gather in her childhood living room. While many would have given up, not only was Bishop undeterred, but, through her perseverance, every challenge and obstacle provided her with much of the life experience that comes through in her music. Now fine-tuned as a performer, Bishop is an example of what happens when ability meets determination.


look 1 1 main photo cred zachary gray X107.5 Presents OBC (Our Big Concert)COIN is Chase Lawrence (lead vocals), Joe Memmel (guitar/backup vocals), Ryan Winnen (drums) and Zach Dyke (bass).  The Nashville quartet recorded their self-titled debut album in Nashville with Grammy nominated producer Jay Joyce (Cage the Elephant, Sleeper Agent, Emmylou Harris). One of Snapchat’s ‘Best of 2015’ artists, Coin toured with Betty Who, Walk The Moon, Neon Trees and others. Their single ‘Run’ reached #1 on Alt Nation’s Countdown and was the 5th most spun song on Sirius XM’s Alt Nation for 2015.

Sir Sly

ss 1 X107.5 Presents OBC (Our Big Concert)Sir Sly is an American indie pop band formed and based in Los Angeles, California, United States. The band is fronted by vocalist Landon Jacobs with instrumentalists Jason Suwito and Hayden Coplen accompanying him.

The trio gradually built a steady following and managed to top The Hype Machine chart, eventually revealing their identities.

Their debut single, “Ghost”, was released on March 4, 2013, on the National Anthem and Neon Gold labels followed by the single “Gold” on May 21, 2013. “Gold” peaked at No. 27 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and No. 45 on the Rock Airplay chart.”Gold” is also featured in the video game, MLB 14: The Show.

They gained international fame after the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag accolade trailer was released in which their song “Gold” was used.


dreamers main press pic X107.5 Presents OBC (Our Big Concert)When Dreamers — Nick Wold (vocals/guitar), Nelson (bass/vocals), and Jacob Wick (drums) — talk about its debut LP This Album Does Not Exist, they assume a collective tone of considerate existentialism. They seek to counter the crassness of pop, the snobbery of jazz, and the pretention of indie that zaps the fun out of any music with meaning. Yet, they want to draw you in, indiscriminate of taste, style, or ideology.

Yet, these songs of playfulness come from a place of less—homelessness, joblessness, borderline hopelessness. In 2014, Wold simultaneously vacated a relationship and an apartment and began living in his Brooklyn practice room.

After two years of living in what Nelson jokes was a “musical prison,” Wold wrote than 100 songs, many of which ended up on This Album Does Not Exist.


img 6067 X107.5 Presents OBC (Our Big Concert)Max Collins and Kenny Carkeet, won’t do anything that doesn’t feel right… because they don’t have to! Collins, vocalist and principal songwriter of Eve 6 has written his share of hit songs for his and other bands and Kenny Carkeet, prolific songwriter, ex-keyboardist, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist of Awolnation has traveled the world and worked on many exciting projects. Fitness is their proverbial middle finger to expectations and convention.

The rebellion of Fitness includes the name – perhaps the most difficult name to search for online… Fitness = exercise, Fitness band = FitBit type things, Fitness music = club mixes for aerobic classes. The name came to Carkeet in his teens, practicing in his parents’ basement with his friends “It started out as Wicked Fitness,” he explains “We were high and 16 years old then… but when I told people about the name Fitness more recently, everyone thought it was a great name.” Rather than give in to the challenge of the name’s ubiquity, FitnessWasTaken became the url of choice. “I loved it because there was something Meta about it,” says Collins. “Adapt to survive.”


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