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New Clorox Wipes Commercial is Pretty Gross, Guys…

Clorox is running an ad right now where a woman walks into her kitchen, and her elderly father is lying facedown on the kitchen counter, getting a rubdown from a male masseuse. Other than a […]


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This Will Definitely Be The Strangest Thing You’ve Seen Today.

… and if it isn’t, you should probably talk to someone.


Man’s Body Rejects Camera Implant On Back Of Head

File this one somewhere between WTF and the [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Shiba Inu puppy cam[/lastfm]! Wafaa Bilal, as assistant at New York University recently had to have a camera removed from the back of his head because […]


Today in FAIL

FAIL for wearing a Furry costume.   Double FAIL for probably being a dude under there.  Triple FAIL for having fox nipples.  FOX NIPPLES!!!  Today in TRIPLE FAIL.  Epic.


X-Men Porn Game Anyone?

  So part of my “job” consists of having to scour the internet for information on bands, pop culture, sports, etc.. so I can entertain you freaks every day.  Sometimes I end up in the […]