Cheaterville Voicemail 12/21/11

Is Mahoney attractive to middle aged, drunk men? Are Holiday bell ringers doing a good deed or just annoying? Does listening to Coldplay get you laid? Am I out of questions? Just listen to the […]


Cheaterville Voicemail 10/25/11

Dave & Mahoney make listeners happy. Mainly, because it makes them feel better about their lives. And DK is challenged to a “hand’s free clap off.”


Cheaterville Voicemail 10/25/11

Why Tim Tebow rocks and Carson Palmer sucks, what would you give up 20 years of your life for, and Alabama John calls Dave a biiiitch.


Cheaterville Voicemail 10/19/11

Is the McRib back in town!? Find out the answer on today’s Cheaterville Voicemail…


Cheaterville Voicemail 10/17/11

Should the celebrity hacker get 121 years in prison? We discuss in today’s Cheaterville Voicemail…


Cheaterville Voicemail 10/12/11

Mahoney argues with the results of ‘Are You Smarter Than A Community College Drop Out’ and listeners weigh in on his new relationship.


Cheaterville Voicemail 10/10/11

Jon Manley on the Cheaterville Voicemail? You decide…


Cheaterville Voicemail 10/05/11

Check out Wednesday’s Cheaterville Voicemail. Does Henderson have bad drivers? Does Alabama John have a son? And is X1075 #1 with Sasquatches?


Cheaterville Voicemail 10/03/11

Should cell use while driving be banned? Plus, add a couple more reasons Floyd Mayweather is a biiiitch.


Cheaterville Voicemail 09/28/11

Is Morgan Freeman a perv?  And are Mahoney’s balls being held captive?  Those questions and more will be answered on today’s Cheaterville Voicemail!