Tool’s 5th Record… YES PLEASE!!

It seriously feels like it has been 10,000 days since the last [lastfm] Tool[/lastfm] record, but fans you don’t have much longer to wait for the new release! Unless, you’re on dog years.


New Marilyn Manson Track! Nuf Said!

I just got the brand new[lastfm] Marilyn Manson[/lastfm] track from his upcoming CD ‘Born Villian’ due out on May 1st. So, figured I had to share the dopeness with you!


The Mars Volta Are Out Of This World, AGAIN!!!

Anyone that is familiar with the dudes [lastfm]The Mars Volta[/lastfm] needs no explanation from me on how amazing musically this act is! The few songs I’ve heard from their forthcoming disc ‘Noctourniquet’ shows the psychedelic rockers from Texas are back with […]


Remixed Foster The People

[lastfm]Foster The people[/lastfm] are looking to stay on the hot stove when it comes to their success. They’ll be releasing their highly anticipated sophomore album in 2013 with hopefully a few tracks radio ready by the end […]



New England Loses = Bean Eats Cinnamon

Watch Bean take the cinnamon challenge at Rounders all because New England lost the Big Game :(


Top 3: WTF Halftime Show Moments In Big Game History

There has been copious amounts of  WTF moments in the past decade of halftime shows. However, the top 3 listed here easily take the cake!


Photo Credit:  Google Images

Spankin’ New Video From Puscifer

Maynard and the dudes of Puscifer have a new disc out ‘Conditions Of My Parole’. The new video for their track “Telling Ghosts” is well, F@#*ing AWESOME!!


Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Pics

Ever wonder why the internet is sooo amazing? Well this is a great place to start! For all of you that are like me and say why leave some things up to the imagination, when […]


  The Chi-town trio [lastfm] Chevelle[/lastfm] will be dropping their latest disc ‘Hats Off to the Bull’ on December 6th. Dudes have for sure returned to their heavy melodic ways! We need more albums like […]


Falling In Reverse Interview

Saying that Ronnie Radke; lead singer of Falling In Reverse has had quite a ride and amazing story is an understatement! The guys are performing tonight at the HOB for thier first hometown show,which is […]