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Woman Cuts Of Husband’s Penis

Imagine the wife you are trying to divorce drugging you, making you tired so you lay down, only to wake up tied to the bed with the witch ripping off your clothes grabbing your junk, […]


Viagra “Shortage” For Valentines Day

I don’t need it, I’ve only taken Viagra for recreational purposes but there are people in desperate need this Valentines Day. Sales of Viagra have surged causing fears of a shortage, pun intended. In case […]


Dustin’s Daily Dose: Lady Gaga

I was a good boyfriend and went to the [lastfm]Lady Gag[/lastfm]a show on Friday night. It left me with one question: Is Lady Gaga more punk than [lastfm]Green Day[/lastfm]? Magic 8 Ball says “all signs […]


Lady Gaga Says Yay! For Yayo

In the September issue of Vanity Fair, [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] admits to using cocaine “a couple times a year”. She also says she abstains from sex because she worries that her creativity will be taken from her […]