Chicken Week One

VIDEO: Wing Bowl Wing Offs: Week One

New year. A few new contestants. And a whole lot of chicken wings! The 3rd Annual Wing Bowl Las Vegas returns to the South Point February 3rd and before we get there, we need to […]


Dustin’s Daily Dose: Crutches

The first time I tried to pee standing up using crutches changed me…


Dustin’s Daily Dose: Being A Dumbass Hurts Like Hell

Idiot + Vodka = Dumbass with broken bones…


Dustin’s Daily Dose: Socks

Has anyone seen my GOOD socks? Not these crappy ones that fill my drawer…


Dustin’s Daily Dose: The Boss Is Gone!

I received some very good news towards the end of last week. Ripley informed us he would be taking a few days off, as in taking this whole week off! Let the slacking begin…


Dustin’s Daily Dose: Whiny DJs From Other Vegas Radio Stations

Apparently some other DJ at some other station has a feature called “Daily Dose” who knew? I sure didn’t, I don’t listen to them. When naming this feature I just wanted an alliteration…hey other DJ […]