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Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 08-22-2017 / Look It UpJared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars called into the show today and talked about the new single, "Walk on Water"; new "37 Seconds with Tracy"; we make Ivan the Blind Mexican's life more exciting in the form of a movie trailer in "Make My Boring Life a Movie Trailer; and Dave explains what he would do with his money if he won the lottery.
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 08-21-2017 / You Knicked a Nip!
Entire Audience Gets Rick Roll'dRick Astley joined the Foo over the weekend at Super Sonic Festival in Japan.
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 08-18-2017 / ... Because the HaaaaandScientists have backed up the claim that adding a splash of water to whiskey actually makes it taste better; all new Blooper Reel; our favorite clips of the week in the Friday Five includes a toddler telling a story and the world's nicest man talking about getting his heart pierced by a nail; and a 10-year-old delivers his mom's baby and saves his brother's life.
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 08-17-2017 / I Wanted to be a Bone DoctorMahoney said if McGregor won the fight he would eat a shoe (we're not sure if a leather shoe will fit into his diet.
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 08-16-2017 / Thicc As ****It's Whiskey Wednesday and today we're enjoying  Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel. Well, the guys enjoyed it -- Sylvia coughed a lung out. Plus 12% of people have been in a relationship with someone they thought was ugly; the families of those killed in Manchester are getting $324k each; sadly, Brangelina aren't getting back together; and we have the Movie Quote Quiz. 
Ron White Talks to the Dave and Mahoney Morning ShowComedian Ron White called into the Dave and Mahoney Morning Show to promote his show at the Terry Fator Theatre inside the Mirage on August 18th and 19th. 
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 08-15-2017 / That's How You Make SausageIan goofed up last week so that means he had to interview Tracy the Engineer in "37 Seconds with Tracy"; there's a study that found using smiley faces in work emails portrays low competence; honest app, Sarahah, is becoming a self-esteem machine; we have a new game called Tipsy or Toddler; Ron White calls in the show. 
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 08-14-2017 / You Name It, I'll Claim ItMahoney was not a winner in Salty or Sexy Spanish Lessons *sad face* for listener, Kendra; Did Sylvia have a successful swimming lesson with Ian over the weekend? We have the audio; we have an all new Ian's Interesting Individuals with Mini-T; we take another listen to Friday's Blooper Reel; and our Question of the Day: How have you ever failed a job interview?
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 08-11-2017 / I Didn't Fart!We've got an all new Blooper Reel; Friday Five this week includes a message from Drunk Gina and a drunk Scottish man who mistakes a fence for an ATM; Viva Vision, the long-running video & music attraction running the five blocks of the Fremont Street Experience, is paying tribute to Chester Bennington on August 19th; Ronda Rousey is reportedly training for pro wrestling career with WWE.
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 08-10-2017 / When Have I Ever Said Ay Caramba?We had the debut of Tantalizing Tinder where we read actual Tinder bios and they're something else.
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 08-09-2017 / Some BlokeLittle Caesars has automated pizza buying so you never have to interact with anyone - based on this, our Question of the Day asks what would be so much better if they automated it?

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