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PODcast: 07-08-13On Monday, we talked about how NYC wants to regulate house parties by making residents ask police if they can throw the parties beforehand, David Hasselhoff, & the new coffee commercial he is featured in... singing their jingle, and then we took calls, asking "If you could make something illegal, what would it be, and why?"
PODcast: 06-07-13On Friday, we talked about the new fad for some highly intelligent people: smoking alcohol, Justin Bieber, and how he flipped out on ANOTHER paparazzi, and then we took calls, asking "What's the stupidest bet you've ever taken and LOST? What / how much did you have to pay up?"
MMA FIX: Dan Henderson Talks About Upcoming FightFormer UFC Light Heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, will be taking on Dan Henderson in the main event of UFC 161 on June 15.
PODcast: 06-06-13On Throwback Thursday, we talked about a news reporter who got attacked by the woman she was interviewing by way of rocks and pit bulls, Miley Cyrus, and how she claims she works harder than most people, and then we took calls, asking "What item(s) do you hide when you have friends, family members, or a date coming over to your house?"w
MMA FIX: Chael Sonnen On UFC On Fox Sports 1UFC on Fox Sports 1 is taking place on Saturday August 17, on the newly formed Fox Sports channel.
PODcast: 06-05-13On Wednesday, we talked about a woman who called 911 to report that a police officer was currently in the act of hitting her in the face, Snookie, and the story of how & when she lost her virginity... and then we took calls, asking "What do you pretend to like, just to make your significant other happy? What does your significant other pretend to enjoy for you?"
MMA FIX: New Endeavors For Rampage JacksonFormer UFC star Quentin "Rampage" Jackson has signed a new deal with Spike TV that will bring him to both the TNA Wrestling ring, and the Bellator MMA cage.
PODcast: 06-04-13On Tuesday, we talked about a 200 pound kangaroo, and how it ran around for more than 10 hours before getting caught & booked by police, Justin Bieber, and how his neighbors are finally taking a stand against him, and the we took calls, asking "What has been the biggest waste of your time recently?"
PODcast: 06-03-13On Monday, we talked about a fugitive llama who was on the run, and how it took 6 men and a taser to finally stop the fleeing animal, Demi Moore, and how she isn't stopping until she gets ALL of Ashton Kutcher's money, and then we took calls, asking "What is your dating red flag??"
MMA FIX: Superfight Between Jon Jones & Anderson Silva?Arguably, the #1 and #2 pound for pound fighters in the world are Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva & Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.
PODcast: 05-31-13On Friday, we talked about a lesbian couple who engaged in sexual activity while travelling on a tram... and a man, just a couple rows over, who captured it all on film, Heidi Klum, and how she was ambushed by topless protesters, and then, Wayne Brady came into the studio to promote his show at the Mirage tonight, and had a special surprise for our Associate Producer, Jered..
MMA FIX: TJ Grant Talks About His Win At UFC 160This past Saturday night in Las Vegas, NV, T.J. Grant TKO'd Gray Maynard in the first round, and got himself a 'number one contender' spot in the UFC's Lightweight Division.

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