Credit: Heather Collins/CBS Radio Las Vegas

Pauly Attends WWE’s Groundbreaking Announcement At Wynn Las Vegas

February 24, 2014. Remember that date. It will be the day entertainment changes… FOREVER! I had the privilege of receiving an invite to WWE‘s “Groundbreaking Announcement” at Wynn Las Vegas hosted by Vince McMahon, Stephanie […]

KXTE X1075 Las Vegas–01/09/2014

CES 2011: Glasses-Free 3D TV

3D’s resurgence the past couple years, mostly due to popular movies like Avatar and products like 3D televisions, has helped 3D technology move far past the days of blue and red glasses. However, glasses of […]


CES 2011: No Verizon iPhone Yet, But 4G Products Unveiled

Story by CNET’s Leslie Katz As expected, Verizon unveiled its first 4G devices today–and it used grand language to do so. “The speed of thought is now the speed of action,” a voice boomed over […]


CES 2011: Car Tech & Connectivity

The number of car connectivity systems continues to grow as two new systems were introduced at CES this week. GM’s OnStar and Ford’s Sync are now joined by Hyundai’s BlueLink and Toyota’s Entune. So which […]


CES 2011: The Future Is Now. Film Your Mediocre Youtube Videos In 3D!!!

Ignoring the fact that these mechanical eyes are staring into your soul with their cold lifeless metal…I for one am excited to watch Keyboard Cat 2.0 in 3D. Watch this video of Sony discussing their […]


What is CES? Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a massive electronic related trade show held each January in Las Vegas, check out this video of how it has came to be!


CES 2011: Samsung Discusses The Galaxy Tab

Interested in buying an iPad but hate Apple, or think it’s too big? Maybe the Galaxy Tab is just right. Weighing in at about the same size as a Kindle 3, the Galaxy Tab has […]


CES 2011: Day 1 Overview

CES opened today with the latest in smartphones, tablets, 3D, and so much more. The main hub of the convention is at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which was buzzing with excitement over the latest […]


Hot CES New Gadget Rumors

Tomorrow one of the coolest conventions to hit our fine city commences (and, no, I’m not referring to all the porn stars coming to Vegas). CES 2011 is here, and this year there are some […]