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Ransom is a born and raised Vegas native who has listened to X107.5 since they flipped the switch. He graduated from Durango High School and briefly went to school in Arizona before making his way back to this city of ours. For the past ten years he’s worked in various formats around the valley.

Ransom is a: Real Madrid fanatic, a huge gamer (PSN: RansomReynolds), and a movie junkie.

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The Las Vegas Film Critics Society 2014 Winners – #Birdman Soars

The film critics society that I’m a member of just put out a list of our annual awards. Like I assumed, BiRDMAN completely dominated and I’m pretty happy about that. BiRDMAN was one of only […]

3 hours ago

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This is how much money Sony is losing by pulling the plug on #TheInterview. SPOILER: It’s a lot!

Sony pulling the plug on the Seth Rogan and James Franco flick, The Interview, is going to cost them a lot of money. Here’s the deal… the average Sony movie has a budget of about […]


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Sony Pulling The Plug on #TheInterview Is Just The Beginning…

Article by Ransom Garcia (CBS Radio-Las Vegas & Las Vegas Film Critic Society Member) Yesterday’s news that Sony is pulling the plug on the Seth Rogan/James Franco comedy, The Interview, was pretty shocking. But, it […]


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SNL’s ‘The Office: Middle Earth’ Skit Was Pretty Great (VIDEO)

SNL’s been pretty hit or miss lately, but last night’s Middle Earth Office skit (video below) was pretty on point.   The final Hobbit movie hits Theaters on Wednesday. I’ll have my review up this […]


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The new Star Wars trailer is amazeballs! (VIDEO)

This looks so awesome! So please, Disney, don’t screw it up!


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Canadian hockey fans finish OUR National Anthem when equipment fails (VIDEO)

Perhaps the most Canadian thing to ever happen… Also, really cool of them to do.


Toys R Us wasn't the only place we got our toys. RIP KB Toys. 

 Tim Boyle/Getty

Do you remember these 10 things that no longer exist?

  For the full gallery, click HERE.


Stacy Keibler is a former WWE Diva and NFL cheerleader. Dat booty, tho!

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9 Female Athletes With Asses That #BreakTheInternet Way More Than Kim Kardashian

    If you’re an ass man, click HERE to check out the gallery!


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Man Claims PETA Killed His Family Dog (VIDEO)

Wilbur Cerate, of Virginia, is claiming that PETA entered his property, stole his dog, then euthanized her – and he’s got some pretty solid evidence to back it up. Wilbur says that his family Chihuahua […]



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