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Ransom is a born and raised Vegas native who has listened to X107.5 since they flipped the switch. He graduated from Durango High School and briefly went to school in Arizona before making his way back to this city of ours. For the past ten years he’s worked in various formats around the valley.

Ransom is a: Real Madrid fanatic, a huge gamer (PSN: RansomReynolds), and a movie junkie.

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Darcy Oake’s jaw-dropping dove illusions | Britain’s Got Talent 2014

I normally roll my eyes when someone even mentions magic tricks, but this kid is INCREDIBLE!


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You Be The Judge: Tennessee Judge Orders Parents to Change Baby’s Name

According to a Tennessee judge, the word “Messiah” is a title and not a name. But can a judge really force parents to change their child’s name? Lemme know what you think in the comments.



One-legged soccer player inspires World Cup commercial.

Nico Calabria was born with only one leg, but the rare disability hasn’t stopped him from achieving greatness in the sport that he loves, soccer. Powerade put together clips of Nico’s life and made an [...]


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Brewers catcher, Martin Maldonado, literally knocks the cover off the ball!

I thought this only happened in the Sandlot… This was incredible! Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez would be proud!


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“There’s a BOMB on the plane!”

What a douche… A man was forcibly removed from a Spirit Airlines flight after he began screaming there was a bomb on the plane and that he was going to blow it up. The incident [...]



Ransom Reviews: Transcendence

We live in an age where we’re constantly connected to some form of technology. Heck, the fact that you’ve managed to stumble across this review is proof enough of that claim. But the question of [...]


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The Worst ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Player… EVER!

Someone answer me, did his mispronunciation cost him 4 million dollars or did he still get that? Either way, this was rough to watch.


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Soaked In Bleach – TRAILER

20 years after the death of Kurt Cobain, some people still think it wasn’t a suicide. A new movie is coming out that will raise some questions and definitely strike some conversations. Watch it, below, [...]


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3 Porn Stars Cast in “Game of Thrones”

Brace yourselves… porn stars are coming… to Game of Thrones. The new season starts Sunday night and it looks like we’ll be seeing at least 3 adult actresses in upcoming episodes. That brings the total [...]


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20 Dudes Get Their Junk Waxed

How do you get young guys to expose their balls and check them regularly for testicular cancer? Host a party and challenge them to get waxed to bring the issue into the broad light of [...]