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A born and raised Las Vegan, Ransom Garcia has been heard on the valley airwaves for the last 12+ years. Besides radio, Ransom is also an active member of the Las Vegas Film Critic Society. His reviews can be found on this station’s website and can be heard live on our sister station, 100.5 KXNT, every Friday morning.

Hobbies include: Watching (and playing) soccer, playing online video games with friends and listeners, watching tons of movies, and keeping active with his wife.


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(Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment)

Here’s the FIRST trailer for Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”

They didn’t show Spider-Man… yet… which is kind of a bummer, but the movie still looks awesome!


(Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment)

This ‘Star Wars/Guardians of The Galaxy’ mashup is perfect and makes me wish it were real.

YouTuber, Alex Luthor, made something really awesome! He managed to combine my favorite movie of 2014 (Guardians of The Galaxy) with a movie I’m hoping will be one of my favorite movies of 2015, the […]


(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

A guy spent $20k to buy dinner for 400 American troops.

A 44-year-old guy in L.A. named Shlomo Rechnitz owns a company called Brius Healthcare Services.  Apparently it’s the largest nursing home provider in California.  So he’s pretty well off, and does a lot of charity […]


(Photo credit should read ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images)

Here are the TOP 10 jobs for people who want to make money but not work that much.

The goal of any job is to make as much money with as little time commitment as possible.  Right?  But since we can’t all be highly paid escorts or NBA benchwarmers, what’s a REALISTIC option? […]


Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images

It really happened. I got to talk about poop on the radio today.

Are you one of those people who refuse to poop in a public bathroom, and hold it until you get home?  Well… you’re lucky to be alive. According to doctors, holding in your poop can […]


Photo by Danny Clinch

Going to Muse in December? Here’s a FIRST LOOK at their stage setup!

The last time I had a chance to talk to the guys from Muse, they told me that the production for this Drones World Tour is unlike ANYTHING they’ve ever seen before. Now, if you’ve […]


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