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Ransom is a born and raised Vegas native who has listened to X107.5 since they flipped the switch. He graduated from Durango High School and briefly went to school in Arizona before making his way back to this city of ours. For the past ten years he’s worked in various formats around the valley.

Ransom is a: Real Madrid fanatic, a huge gamer (PSN: RansomReynolds), and a movie junkie.

Mugshots of Jose Caballero and Elissa Alvarez

Couple Arrested For Sex On The Beach…

… and no, I’m not talking about the drink… According to police, a Florida couple was arrested for having sex on the beach in front of numerous individuals, including a four-year-old girl and a witness [...]

23 hours ago

(Fueled By Ramen Records)

Westboro Baptist Church Still Sucks

Remember that group of ass hats that calls themselves a church? Yeah, they’re back at it… This time, by recording hateful versions of rather dated songs. The group’s latest target… Panic! at The Disco Not only [...]


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World’s First Shotgun Suppressor

Well… There goes my 2015 tax return! This thing looks so rad!


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All Wet

So majestic…


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World’s Smallest Nation Is For Sale

Would you like to own your own nation? Sealand is for sale…


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Munenori Kawasaki: “Monkey Never Cramps”

I don’t even like the Blue Jays, but Munenori Kawasaki is quickly becoming one of my favorites. He has to know that he gives the best interviews, right?


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The Top 20 Names of Women Who CHEAT

I can confirm that I’ve been cheated on by a girl who has her name on this list… it’s okay though, you guys, because I heard she’s got the herp. A recent survey suggests that [...]


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Jason Biggs Just Pissed Off A Lot Of People…

Immediately following the tragic news that Malaysia flight MH17 had crashed in Ukraine, most people on the internet were expressing their sympathies. But  actor Jason Biggs was not one of them. He felt that humor was [...]



Texas Judge Asked For Special Treatment After Getting Arrested

I’m a judge so I want special treatment! Oh, cry me a river… Justice Nora Longoria was speeding in her Lexus when she was stopped by cops in McAllen, Texas. It was  just after 1 a.m. [...]