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Ransom is a born and raised Vegas native who has listened to X107.5 since they flipped the switch. He graduated from Durango High School and briefly went to school in Arizona before making his way back to this city of ours. For the past ten years he’s worked in various formats around the valley.

Ransom is a: Real Madrid fanatic, a huge gamer (PSN: RansomReynolds), and a movie junkie.

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If You Could Spend 24 Hours With A Porn Star…

Elite Daily asks the question, “What would you do if you could spend the day with your favorite porn star?” Besides two f-bombs, their video is surprisingly safe for work.

19 hours ago

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Deadpool Movie TEST FOOTAGE

After watching the new Guardians of The Galaxy movie, which comes out on Friday, I couldn’t help but compare the movie’s “Rocket Raccoon” to another personal favorite on mine, Deadpool. They’re both bad-asses that talk [...]

22 hours ago

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This Umpire Is a Jerk… And I Love It!

There’s no getting around it. Watching the modern game of baseball sucks. I say they bring back steroids or let this guy be in the majors… He acts like a jackass and I LOVE IT!


Via @ZackSnyder on Twitter

Here’s What The New Wonder Woman Looks Like

Zack Snyder just tweeted out what the new Wonder Woman is going to look like. What do you guys think?


Mugshots of Jose Caballero and Elissa Alvarez

Couple Arrested For Sex On The Beach…

… and no, I’m not talking about the drink… According to police, a Florida couple was arrested for having sex on the beach in front of numerous individuals, including a four-year-old girl and a witness [...]


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Westboro Baptist Church Still Sucks

Remember that group of ass hats that calls themselves a church? Yeah, they’re back at it… This time, by recording hateful versions of rather dated songs. The group’s latest target… Panic! at The Disco Not only [...]


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World’s First Shotgun Suppressor

Well… There goes my 2015 tax return! This thing looks so rad!


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All Wet

So majestic…


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World’s Smallest Nation Is For Sale

Would you like to own your own nation? Sealand is for sale…