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MJ weekdays from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m

MJ was found on the corner holding a sign that said “WILL WORK FOR CONCERTS “, so we decided to give her a job. MJ landed in Vegas, via South Florida in 2000 to pursue ‘The party life’, and quickly found how to make money doing so. She went from performing as a go-go dancer to fitness modeling for commercials which led her to behind the scenes work in television. After enduring years of work as a PA, she had enough and it was time to pursue her own dream….. To play music and dance all day! She continued her fitness career as a certified personal trainer and found her passion teaching Pole dancing to women escaping to Vegas from around the globe hoping to turn tricks….into cash. In 06, MJ landed the night show on AREA108 and soon became the host of MJ in the Morning. Since the early morning schedule got in the way of her sleeping in, MJ set off for Los Angeles to work for SIRIUS XM and hosted her racy adult talk show PILLOWTALK with MJ. In 2013, Vegas came a knocking with an opportunity to work with the BEST radio group in town…CBS. You can listen to MJ on X107.5 . Link up with her socially @MJRadioDiva or visit her website (and sometimes she can still be spotted doing pole tricks on stop signs around the Vegas Valley.)

MJ and Liz single leg stretch

Body After Baby with MJ: Hot Pilates!

The journey to getting back to not only your body, but to fitness after pregnancy is quite a new way of life. (Here’s my little Vivian today) I am now 16 weeks postpartum and today […]


photo credit: Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving

MOMS FLY FREE on Mother’s Day At Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving!

If your mom is like mine, theres NO WAY I could get her to jump out of a plane, but indoor skydiving, HOW FUN! Take your mom in to fly for free on Mothers Day. […]


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Cinco De Mayo Necessity: App For Drunk Dialing!

Yep, there’s an app for that, it’s Drunk Mode for iPhone and Android which you can set up to block specific contacts  from calling or sending messages for up to 12 hours . You can even recover Snapchats that you […]


MJ and Vivian Monroe 15 weeks

Body After Baby With MJ – Getting Adjusted

Literally! I figured it would be a good time to see a chiropractor since my body went through pregnancy, and did you know you can even see one while you are pregnant? I found a wonderful office, Chiropractic at the […]


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The Latest Way To Take A Selfie… “Shoefie”

No Way!! Selfie Shoes by Miz Mooz  No matter where you go, you’ll always be camera-ready. Just insert your phone into the port at the front of either your right or left shoe, raise it […]



This One Is For The Bald Babies!

While searching online for cute hair accessories for my little baldie (Vivian Monroe)… I came across the best invention ever! Behold Baby Bangs , yes a teeny tiny wig for your baby. “Baby Bangs are worn […]


Photo Credit: Twitter @PoundFit Founder's Kirsten + Cristina

Fit Friday – ‘Poundfit’ The Rockout Workout!

I’m always excited about new fitness crazes, and as soon as we get some classes in Vegas, I’m there! It’s Pound ‘The Rockout Workout’. Created by two hot drummer chicks Kirsten Potenza & Cristina Peerenboom . […]


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“Ooh, she’s hot!”…swipe…”ooh, he’s hot!”…swipe…text flirting…phone call….talk about your crazy families…”that’s funny, sounds EXACTLY like my family”… Long lost brother and sister find eachother on Tinder!!  Click here to read the story ! Listen to MJ weekdays […]


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Body After Baby – Flexibility with MJ

Some people think you have to be a “yogi” to be flexible. I hear, “I have no flexibility…or “my body just doesn’t bend like that”…but ANYONE can gain flexibility, it just takes practice and consistency, […]


MJBack an Shoulder stretch

Body After Baby – Stretching With MJ

My little Diva, Vivian Monroe will be 3 months this week, and that means “go time” for mama! Time to go back to work and back to “werk” on this body. Gone are the days of lounging […]