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Dave, Mahoney & DK Morning Show is a fast paced daily radio program designed for a progressive Las Vegas audience that features breaking news, top sports highlights, and a slew of celebrity pop culture lowlights.  Hosted by Dave Farra, Jason Mahoney and Daena Kramer (DK) the show delivers an interesting dynamic of he-said / she-said rhetoric between Mahoney and DK, who is the strong female voice on the show. While Dave plays referee, there are few topics that are off limits for Mahoney and DK, with the audience regularly weighing in with their take on that days hot button issue. With a strong base of modern rock music, and a socially connected dynamic, The Dave and Mahoney Morning Show is a consistent favorite for Las Vegas residents that are on their way.

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PODcast: 08-21-15 Dave, Mahoney & DK’s Final Broadcast In Las Vegas

For our final broadcast in Las Vegas, we talked to anyone and everyone who has been part of the show for the past 6 years, talked about the good & bad times, and said farewell to the best city in the world. Thank you, Las Vegas.


Dave Mahoney & DK White Background

PODcast: 08-20-15 Final TBT – News Anchor Makes Little Boy Cry – Remembering The Bloopers…

On our last Throwback Thursday in Las Vegas, we played anything and everything… NO RESTRICTIONS! We talked about a news anchor that made a little boy cry on his first day of school, and then we played the ‘Best of The Bloopers,’ so we could all remember our best moments on the air…


Dave Mahoney & DK White Background

PODcast: 08-19-15 Eli Manning Wants His Money – Movie Quote Quiz – Worst Reaction To Break Up?

On our last Wednesday in Las Vegas, we talked about Eli Manning, and how he is seeking to become the highest paid player in the NFL… We did the Movie Quote Quiz, and then we took calls, asking “Tell us about the worst reaction that an ex had when you broke up with them.”


Photo Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

MMA FIX: Chael Sonnen Thinks Jose Aldo Should Just Move On

After pulling out of numerous fights, Chael Sonnen thinks it’s time to move on from the idea of Jose Aldo headlining and being in control of major fight cards…


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PODcast: 08-18-15 John Oliver Makes His Own Church – Last Time You Got Scammed?

On our last Tuesday in Las Vegas, we talked about John Oliver, and how he has created his own church, Britney Spears, and how her residency may be coming to an end here in Las Vegas, and then we took calls, asking for you to tell us about the last time that you got scammed…


Photo Credit:L Bret Hartman/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

MMA FIX: Ronda Rousey Talks About Her Legacy

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey hasn’t just become the biggest star of the UFC – She’s also become an enormous star in Hollywood.


Dave Mahoney & DK White Background

PODcast: 08-17-15 Female Viagra Hitting The Shelves – WTFlorida?! – What Do You Hoard?

On our last Monday in Las Vegas, we talked about female Viagra, and how it will be hitting the shelves very soon, V. Stiviano, and how she claims to be responsible for all the Clippers’ success, we played a game called ‘What The Florida?!’, and then we took calls, asking “What do you horde or refuse to throw away?”



Mocha Is Our Rescue Dog Of The Week And He Needs A Forever Family!

Mocha is a beautiful 1 year old pit mix puppy. He’s very energetic and playful and gets along well with other dogs, but we don’t know about cats since he hasn’t been around any yet. […]


Photo Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

MMA FIX: Conor McGregor Vs Jose Aldo Is Back On… Chael Sonnen Thinks It’ll Fall Through

Saturday, December 12, will be a big day here in Las Vegas – UFC 194 will be taking place…



PODcast: 08-14-15 JJ Watt Could Eat Your Baby For Breakfast, Aliens Exist, and Dumb Criminals are Dumb

On Friday, we talked about JJ Watt’s insane diet, how scientist believe aliens are on earth, and a dumb graffiti artist that decided to spray paint cop cars. Full Show:


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