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Dave, Mahoney & DK Morning Show is a fast paced daily radio program designed for a progressive Las Vegas audience that features breaking news, top sports highlights, and a slew of celebrity pop culture lowlights.  Hosted by Dave Farra, Jason Mahoney and Daena Kramer (DK) the show delivers an interesting dynamic of he-said / she-said rhetoric between Mahoney and DK, who is the strong female voice on the show. While Dave plays referee, there are few topics that are off limits for Mahoney and DK, with the audience regularly weighing in with their take on that days hot button issue. With a strong base of modern rock music, and a socially connected dynamic, The Dave and Mahoney Morning Show is a consistent favorite for Las Vegas residents that are on their way.

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Win $1000 8x A Day In The X107.5 CASH OUT Contest! Here’s The Scoop…

You asked and we delivered. The X107.5 CASH OUT CONTEST is back starting Monday, April 21st, with your chance to win $1000 8 times throughout the day. Listen for your chance to win at these [...]

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PODcast: 04-18-14 Dad Lets 3 Year Old Son Drive Motorcycle – Have You Had A Bad Experience On A Dating Website?

On Friday, we talked about the dad of the year, and how he let his 3 year old son drive a motorcycle… Snoop Dogg, and how his voice will be featured in the new Call Of Duty game, and then we took calls, asking “Have you had a crazy good or crazy bad experience with a dating/hookup site?

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MMA FIX: Fabricio Werdum Not Worried About Travis Browne

In the main event of UFC on Fox 11, Fabricio Werdum will be taking on Travis Browne.

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ESPN List Of The 25 Highest Paid Athletes In The World. Guess Who Made $73.5 Million…

He’s equally loved and hated for a variety of reasons, but boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. tops ESPN’s list of highest paid athletes this year. Boxing may no longer be the mainstream sports powerhouse it [...]


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PODcast: 04-17-14 Mother Accidentally Steals A Car – What Lame Thing Do Guys Do To Try And Pick Up Chicks?

On Throwback Thursday, we talked about a mother who accidentally stole a car… A rapper who cut off his penis and then tried to commit suicide… And then we took calls, asking “What lame thing do you see guys doing to try and pick up chicks that makes you embarrassed for them?”


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MMA FIX: Travis Browne Prepares For His Fight

Travis Browne will be taking on Fabricio Werdum on ‘UFC on FOX’ this Saturday night…


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While In Vegas, Lorde Meets The Inspiration For Her Hit Song “Royals”. This May Surprise You…

Lorde has finally met former Kansas City Royals star, GEORGE BRETT, the inspiration for her hit song “Royals.” I don’t know about you but I never would have guessed that her song had anything to [...]


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PODcast: 04-16-14 Elderly Man Tapes $276,000 To His Junk – What Awful Customers Do You Have To Deal With?

On Wednesday, we talked about an elderly man who was caught with $276,000 taped to his genitals, Michael Jackson’s brother, and how he says that he is responsible for all of MJ’s fame… And then we took calls, asking “What line of work are you in, and what kind of a-holes do you have to deal with?”


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Paul Walker’s Brothers To Complete His Scenes in The Fast And The Furious 7. Click Here To See The Resemblance…

Paul Walker’s brothers are helping “fill in small gaps” in “Fast & Furious 7″ action sequences that were unfinished before the actor’s death, producers said Tuesday. As you’ve likely heard, Walker died in a high [...]


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MMA FIX: TJ Dillashaw’s Destiny

TJ Dillashaw is taking on Renan Barao in the main event of UFC 173 for the UFC Bantamweight title…