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Dave, Mahoney & DK Morning Show is a fast paced daily radio program designed for a progressive Las Vegas audience that features breaking news, top sports highlights, and a slew of celebrity pop culture lowlights.  Hosted by Dave Farra, Jason Mahoney and Daena Kramer (DK) the show delivers an interesting dynamic of he-said / she-said rhetoric between Mahoney and DK, who is the strong female voice on the show. While Dave plays referee, there are few topics that are off limits for Mahoney and DK, with the audience regularly weighing in with their take on that days hot button issue. With a strong base of modern rock music, and a socially connected dynamic, The Dave and Mahoney Morning Show is a consistent favorite for Las Vegas residents that are on their way.

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PODcast: 10-30-14 Uber Can Now Resume In Las Vegas? What Are You Too Lazy To Fix?

On Throwback Thursday, we talked about Uber, and how the restraining order against it has been lifted in Las Vegas… Hopefully… The post game World Series press conference, and how awkward #Chevy Guy was, and then we took calls, asking “What’s something in your house or on your car that you refuse to fix because you’re too lazy?”

19 hours ago

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MMA FIX: Michael Bisping Unloads On Luke Rockhold

Next Friday night, Michael Bisping & Luke Rockhold are facing each other in the main event of UFC Fight Night Sydney.

22 hours ago

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PODcast: 10-29-14 NASA Rocket Explodes Mid Air During Take Off – Half Minute Hook-Up

On Wednesday, we talked about the NASA Antares rocket, and how it exploded in mid air during take off… A girl who videotaped herself walking around NYC for 10 hours, getting verbally harassed over 100 times, and then we talked about Jane Lynch, and her very, very expensive divorce…


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MMA FIX: Phil Davis Talks About His Win

UFC Light Heavyweight fighter Phil Davis is quickly becoming one of the next in line for a title shot in his division…


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PODcast: 10-28-14 Man Butt Dials 911… Confesses To Robbery – Worst Couples Costume You’ve Ever Seen?

On Tuesday, we talked about a man who butt dialed 911 and confessed to robbing a house… Colt McCoy, and how he was dragged off the field immediately following his win, and then we took calls, asking “What’s the worst couples costume you’ve ever seen?



Quincy Is Our Rescue “Dog Of The Week” And He Needs A Forever Home!

​LOOKING FOR LOVE? HERE I AM!  Hello, my name is Quincy and I am a 9mos. old Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix.  My favorite activity is sharing love and affection with my special person.  I love playing fetch [...]


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MMA FIX: Dana White Gives His Thoughts On The Main Event Of UFC 179

UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo has won the past 18 fights in a row, including his victory over Chad Mendes at UFC 179…


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PODcast: 10-27-14 Life Is Beautiful Recap, Dave Grohl Interview – Uber Being Shut Down In Las Vegas…

On Monday, we recapped Life Is Beautiful, and our interview with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, we talked about Uber, and how it’s being shut down in Las Vegas… For now… And then we took calls, asking “When’s the last time someone freaked out on you while you were working at your job?”


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Enter To Win A 55″ Samsung Curved Smart TV When You VOTE For DK!

If DK’s “Flash Photo” gets the most votes then one random person who voted for her will win a 55″ Samsung Curved Smart TV and a Blu Ray home theater system valued at $2050! AND [...]


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PODcast: 10-24-14 SF Tour Guide Goes On Racist Rant About Chinatown – What Do You Totally NERD OUT About?

On Friday, we talked about a San Francisco tour guide who went on a racist rant about Chinatown… Ray Rice, and how he is suing the Baltimore Ravens… And then we took calls, asking “What do you totally NERD OUT about?”



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