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Dave, Mahoney & DK Morning Show is a fast paced daily radio program designed for a progressive Las Vegas audience that features breaking news, top sports highlights, and a slew of celebrity pop culture lowlights.  Hosted by Dave Farra, Jason Mahoney and Daena Kramer (DK) the show delivers an interesting dynamic of he-said / she-said rhetoric between Mahoney and DK, who is the strong female voice on the show. While Dave plays referee, there are few topics that are off limits for Mahoney and DK, with the audience regularly weighing in with their take on that days hot button issue. With a strong base of modern rock music, and a socially connected dynamic, The Dave and Mahoney Morning Show is a consistent favorite for Las Vegas residents that are on their way.

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PODcast: 12-16-14 TOP 10 Songs Of 2014 – Scott Stapp Is Seriously Going Insane – AWFUL Company Christmas Party

On Tuesday, we talked about Scott Stapp, and how he has reached a whole new level of crazy… Uber, and how it capitalized on the Sydney Hostage situation by upping the rates in that area, and then we took calls, asking for you to tell us about your AWFUL company Christmas party…


Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

MMA FIX: Rafael Dos Anjos Talks About Wanting A Title Shot

UFC Lightweight Contender Rafael Dos Anjos wants a shot at the UFC Lightweight belt…


Dave, Mahoney, and DK Podcast 12-15-14

On Monday we talked about: Johnny Manziel and how awesome he played yesterday, a man who wrecked a person’s home when he proposed, Mayweather calling out Pac, and we asked if you’d watch a Mama […]


Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan playing guitar and singing

DK Is Giving Away Smashing Pumpkin Tickets At The New COX Solutions Store On Saturday!

The Smashing Pumpkins are playing Saturday night at Brooklyn Bowl and DK has your last chance to WIN a pair of tickets at the new Cox Solutions store in Henderson from 10a-1pm. This is one […]


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PODcast: 12-11-14 BEST AUDIO EVER: Man Stuck In Elevator With Crazy Dude – What Terrible Thing Did You Put Your Parents Through?

On Throwback Thursday, we talked about a man who got pulled over for drunk driving, and blamed it on the beer battered fish he ate earlier… JT Barrett, and how things are getting MUCH worse for him, and then we took calls, asking “What terrible thing did you put your parents through when you were a kid that you totally regret now?”


Photo Credit:  Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

MMA FIX: CM Punk Signs With The UFC

Former WWE Champion CM Punk has decided that he wants to become a Mixed Martial Artist.


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PODcast: 12-10-14 Man And Cop Brawl Over Parking Spot – What Are You Uppity About?

On Wednesday, we talked about a teacher who asked a student for a bite of his brownie, not knowing it was a pot brownie… Jay Glazer, and how he called ESPN “lying bastards,” and then we took calls, asking “What are you uppity about?”


Photo Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

MMA FIX: Johny Hendricks Talks About His Loss

In a close fight this past Saturday night at UFC 181, Johny Hendricks lost his belt to Robbie Lawler with a split decision.


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PODcast: 12-09-14 Johnny Manziel Time In Cleveland? Have You Ever Been A Bad Ass And Thrown Caution To The Wind?

On Tuesday, we talked about Charlie Sheen, and how he’s butt hurt that he won’t be in the series finale of “Two and a Half Men,” Johnny Manziel, and how he’s rumored to be starting for the Cleveland Browns this Sunday, and then we took calls, asking “Have you ever been a bad ass and thrown caution to the wind to save the day?”



Dunkin Is Our Rescue “Dog Of The Week” Let’s Find Him A Forever Home!

Are looking for a playful and loyal companion?  My friends call me Dunkin and I’m a 2yr. old Shepherd mix.  At first I can be shy, but once I warm up to you, I will […]



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