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“I believe in always being real looking someone in the eye. I believe that if it feels too good to be true, it probably is. I put my shopping carts back where they go and I drive too fast. I always over tip because I always modify my food. I secretly wish that I could break dance and when I’m drunk I try. I think I’m smart about things I’m not smart about but I second guess myself on things that I am educated in. If I really like you, I’ll give you a nickname. I am obsessed with finding good deals and Costco is my happy place. I believe peanut butter is mankind’s greatest invention, 2nd only to electricity. I passionately hate tomatoes and littering. Most days I love my dogs and my nephews more than I love peanut butter. Dream On is the best Aerosmith song and I sing it loud if I’m alone. If you prove me wrong I will admit defeat. I like to swear just to be dramatic and I love that gangsta rap. I am currently teaching myself to listen to my words before I say them. A good pedicure and black eyeliner can make me feel pretty. I religiously gauge the mileage to each tank of gas I use. I am forgiving to a fault. I grill a mean burger but my chicken always comes out dry. If you squeeze my knees, I punch your face. I prefer a strawberry in my cereal and a banana in my ice cream. Being objective is one of my greatest attributes, but being patient is not. If I make fun of you to your face then I definitely like you. If I make fun of you behind your back then you probably did something really stupid. If I make you a promise, I keep it. If you tell me your secrets, I’ll keep them. And if I tell you my secrets, I’ll keep you. Fireworks give me goose bumps, the ocean gives me peace, baseball gives me joy and music fills my soul. I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.”

DK stands for Daena Kramer


Sweet Scarlett Is An English Cocker Spaniel Looking For A Hero To Adopt Her!

Scarlett is a 5 or 6 year old Merle English Cocker Spaniel.  She was a stray at Lied Animal Shelter that was rescued by LVCR.  She is spayed, up to date on shots, and has […]

15 hours ago


Sal Is Our Rescue “Dog Of The Week”. Please Help Us Find Him A Forever Home!

Sal is a 8 month old, 14 lb. Norfolk Terrier mix. Sal is a very smart, energetic and playful puppy. He loves kids and other young dogs. Since he is so young and energetic, he […]


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Dustin Is Our Rescue Dog Of The Week And Needs A Forever Family!

Dustin could very well be a few years younger than the 11yrs we are told he is. He was rescued after being abandoned at a vet’s office for several months. His true owner entrusted his […]



“A Home 4 Spot” Pet Rescue Is Featuring Andy For Adoption Today!

FEATURED DOG OF THE DAY: MEET ANDY! Andy’s Story… Meet Andy! Andy is a 3 year old Poodle/Bichon mix looking for a loving forever home all his own! He weighs approx. 12 lbs, is great […]



Otis Is Our Rescue “Dog Of The Week” And He’s Needs A Family To Love Him Forever!

Hello, my name is Otis! You clicked on my picture for a reason and I know its because you loved my face but just wait until you hear more about me! I have been working […]



Bob Was Rescued By Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary And Is Ready To Be Adopted

From the Petfinder website: Hello, my name is Bob and I’m a 1.5 yr. old Maltese mix with a lot of spunk. I’m a happy guy who enjoy playing with my other four-legged friends. I […]



NKLV Is Seeking To Reduce The Number Of Animals Killed In Las Vegas

From the NKLV Facebook page: Las Vegas, this is it!! On March 17th, the Clark County Commissioners will be making the decision to renew The Animal Foundation’s contract OR open up the bidding to No […]



Rilee Is Our Rescue Dog Of The Week! Please Help Us Find Him A Forever Family

Rilee is a gorgeous 2 year old male Boxer, who was taken into rescue from a local kill shelter. He is up to date on shots, micro chipped, and neutered. Rilee is one special boy […]



Animal Network LV Rescued JUDE – He’s Ready To Be Adopted

From the Petfinder website: Hey Jude! What a gorgeous girl! Jude’s home is going to be traveling a lot in the upcoming year, and they felt it best to do what’s right by Jude and […]



Wrangler Is Ready To Be Adopted At The Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue

From the SNBR Website: Wrangler is a 2 yr old male tricolor beagle. He’s timid when he first meets people and dogs but warms up quickly and is very loving once he gets to know […]