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“I believe in always being real looking someone in the eye. I believe that if it feels too good to be true, it probably is. I put my shopping carts back where they go and I drive too fast. I always over tip because I always modify my food. I secretly wish that I could break dance and when I’m drunk I try. I think I’m smart about things I’m not smart about but I second guess myself on things that I am educated in. If I really like you, I’ll give you a nickname. I am obsessed with finding good deals and Costco is my happy place. I believe peanut butter is mankind’s greatest invention, 2nd only to electricity. I passionately hate tomatoes and littering. Most days I love my dogs and my nephews more than I love peanut butter. Dream On is the best Aerosmith song and I sing it loud if I’m alone. If you prove me wrong I will admit defeat. I like to swear just to be dramatic and I love that gangsta rap. I am currently teaching myself to listen to my words before I say them. A good pedicure and black eyeliner can make me feel pretty. I religiously gauge the mileage to each tank of gas I use. I am forgiving to a fault. I grill a mean burger but my chicken always comes out dry. If you squeeze my knees, I punch your face. I prefer a strawberry in my cereal and a banana in my ice cream. Being objective is one of my greatest attributes, but being patient is not. If I make fun of you to your face then I definitely like you. If I make fun of you behind your back then you probably did something really stupid. If I make you a promise, I keep it. If you tell me your secrets, I’ll keep them. And if I tell you my secrets, I’ll keep you. Fireworks give me goose bumps, the ocean gives me peace, baseball gives me joy and music fills my soul. I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.”

DK stands for Daena Kramer

OMT - 48 athe holidays were meant to

The Holidays Were Meant To Be Shared

Tis the season to celebrate meet new and old friends and if you’re single meet that special someone. Are you single?  Missing your plus one this holiday? Visit On Mutual Terms to find your match. […]


Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan playing guitar and singing

DK Is Giving Away Smashing Pumpkin Tickets At The New COX Solutions Store On Saturday!

The Smashing Pumpkins are playing Saturday night at Brooklyn Bowl and DK has your last chance to WIN a pair of tickets at the new Cox Solutions store in Henderson from 10a-1pm. This is one […]



Dunkin Is Our Rescue “Dog Of The Week” Let’s Find Him A Forever Home!

Are looking for a playful and loyal companion?  My friends call me Dunkin and I’m a 2yr. old Shepherd mix.  At first I can be shy, but once I warm up to you, I will […]



LEO Is Our Rescue “Dog Of The Week” And He Needs A Forever Family!

My name is LEO and I am one of 24 dogs that were rescued from a hoarder. I need love and a stable home with someone who will care about me. Our rescuers have had […]



Snuggles Is Our Rescue “Dog Of The Week” And She Needs A Forever Home!

Hi My name is Snuggles! Snuggling is my favorite thing to do with my human. I am a female Lab mix and I am about 8 yrs old. I am spayed, up to date on vaccines, micro […]



Donate Online to “Help For The Holidays”!

As you may have heard, Dave, Mahoney & DK are broadcasting live on 11/20 and 11/21 from 6a-8pm at Town Square to raise funds and gather donation items for St. Jude’s Ranch For Children. They […]



Ginger Is Our Rescue “Dog Of The Week” And She Needs A Forever Home!

Say hello to Ginger! She’s a 2yr old Chihuahua who needs a loving home to call her own. A hoarder in Las Vegas was found to have 24 small dogs living in deplorable conditions inside […]



Darwin Is Our Rescue “Dog Of The Week” And He Needs A Forever Home!

Hello, my name is Darwin and I’m a 2.5yr. old Bernese Mastiff mix.  I am looking for a forever family to share my love and affection with.  I’m a very confident boy, so I need […]



Say Hi To THOR! He Is Our “Dog Of The Week” And Needs A Forever Home

Say hello to THOR! Thor, a 6.5 yr old Blue Weimaraner, is available for adoption. Thor is not your typical Weim, he is a big boy that is very laid back. He is good with […]



Quincy Is Our Rescue “Dog Of The Week” And He Needs A Forever Home!

​LOOKING FOR LOVE? HERE I AM!  Hello, my name is Quincy and I am a 9mos. old Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix.  My favorite activity is sharing love and affection with my special person.  I love playing fetch […]




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