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“I believe in always being real looking someone in the eye. I believe that if it feels too good to be true, it probably is. I put my shopping carts back where they go and I drive too fast. I always over tip because I always modify my food. I secretly wish that I could break dance and when I’m drunk I try. I think I’m smart about things I’m not smart about but I second guess myself on things that I am educated in. If I really like you, I’ll give you a nickname. I am obsessed with finding good deals and Costco is my happy place. I believe peanut butter is mankind’s greatest invention, 2nd only to electricity. I passionately hate tomatoes and littering. Most days I love my dogs and my nephews more than I love peanut butter. Dream On is the best Aerosmith song and I sing it loud if I’m alone. If you prove me wrong I will admit defeat. I like to swear just to be dramatic and I love that gangsta rap. I am currently teaching myself to listen to my words before I say them. A good pedicure and black eyeliner can make me feel pretty. I religiously gauge the mileage to each tank of gas I use. I am forgiving to a fault. I grill a mean burger but my chicken always comes out dry. If you squeeze my knees, I punch your face. I prefer a strawberry in my cereal and a banana in my ice cream. Being objective is one of my greatest attributes, but being patient is not. If I make fun of you to your face then I definitely like you. If I make fun of you behind your back then you probably did something really stupid. If I make you a promise, I keep it. If you tell me your secrets, I’ll keep them. And if I tell you my secrets, I’ll keep you. Fireworks give me goose bumps, the ocean gives me peace, baseball gives me joy and music fills my soul. I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.”

DK stands for Daena Kramer


These 3 “Foreclosed Upon Pets” Are Looking For Forever Families!

These 3 doggies are currently up for adoption at Foreclosed Upon Pets Inc. Their contact info is below: GIGI -Pekingese/Pomeranian mix Gigi is a female Pekingese/Pomeranian mix, 9 months old, about 14 lbs. She is […]

21 hours ago


NKLV To Meet With The Animal Foundation’s Leadership Team on 3/8

From the NKLV Facebook page: At the recommendation of Commissioner Sisolak, at the last county meeting, we would like to announce that this Sunday, March 8th, the NKLV (No Kill Las Vegas) board will be […]

21 hours ago


“On My Way Home” Rescue’s Bark In The Park Is Happening On March 7th!

From “On My Way Home Dachshund Rescue” facebook page: Join us for the 12th Annual Bark in the Park festival, sponsored by the City of Henderson! Saturday, March 7, 2015 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. […]

22 hours ago


Foster Or Adopter Needed For Little Joly At The Animal Network

Poor little Joly was found as a stray roaming a neighborhood. Luckily, someone got her off the streets and vowed to help her find a forever home. It shouldn’t be too hard, as Joly is […]



Foster Home Needed For This Sweet Senior Boxer

Las Vegas Boxer Rescue is looking for a foster home for Arnold, a very sweet senior Boxer at the local shelter. Arnold is an 11 year old Boxer who is in urgent need of a […]



Bootz Is Our Rescue “Dog Of The Week” And He Is The Complete Package!

This is Bootz! The good folks who rescued him at “All The Same Wild And Tame” Foundation tell me that he is the best behaved dog they have ever had but he just hasn’t found […]



Lovable GiGi Needs A Foster Home Or A FOREVER Home!

Lovable Gigi Needs A Foster Or Forever Home. She was rescued by the Animal Network LV. Don’t you just love her squishy face? This adorable girl is Gigi. Gigi is a 6-7 year old chow […]



Biscuit Had Her Eye Poked Out But “Those Left Behind Foundation” Saved Her

“Biscuit” is the newest intake at Those Left Behind Foundation.  She came to us because her eye was punctured in an accident.  Her owner could not afford to pay and we didn’t want to see […]



Say Hi To Luke! He’s Our Rescue “Dog Of The Week” And Needs A Forever Home!

Meet Luke (A810690), a handsome 3-year-old neutered male Pit Bull Terrier with an even more attractive personality! Fetch is his favorite game, and he expertly listens to commands when treats are involved. His leash skills […]



ICYMI, Here’s The DuckTales Slow Jam Video…

    We played the original “DuckTales” theme song on the Dave, Mahoney & DK Morning Show this morning for Throwback Thursday. Then one of our loyal listeners sent us this gem. While the original […]




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