Britain Deploys Troops After Manchester Ariana Grande Concert Bombing Read More
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 05-25-2017 / Going for a Two-PackThere is a survey that 63% of people in their car. Our Question of the Day: What weird thing have you done in your car or what have you seen other people do; Joel McHale joined us today. He talked about Chris Cornell's passing, being tall in Hollywood, and his thoughts on Marshawn Lynch's move to the Raiders plus Dave pointed out Sylvia's very apparent crush on him; "Cash Me Outside" Girl is going on a national tour and her list of demands include $750 a day,  $3,000 for security, three Fidget Spinners, and four large Dominos pizzas.
Watch a Bear Attack a Bow HunterWatch the "raccoon" of bears attack a bow hunter
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 05-24-2017 / Nooooooo DanielDave's neighbor thought it would be a good idea to bring a pie over at 8:45pm as a welcome gift -- kinda creeped Dave out a bit; Google is releasing a 55-inch "Jamboard" that's going for $5,000 and owners will have to pay Google $600 a year; and a woman bought costume jewelry for $15 at a flea market and it turned out to be worth $45,000! We wanted to know: What is your most prized possession?
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 05-23-2017 / Sweet Child o' MineA woman was confronted when she was caught pan handling and we've got audio; listener Jamie called in asking for help with her friend who has a psycho girlfriend; and it's been pretty tough for Bossy Rossy accepting Dave as his new dad so he dedicated a few songs to Bossy ... pretty sure he wasn't totally feeling it.
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 05-22-2017 / Had His Finger on the ButtonAccording to Dave, Mama Rossy slid into his DMs over the weekend. Guess you can say things are getting pretty serious; Chris Cornell's funeral service is set for this Friday in Los Angeles; It was the debut of Ian's Mascot Moment where he interviewed Spider-Man and Venom; and Mahoney was once again VICTORIOUS in "Salty or Sexy Spanish Lessons"
Eye SEE You!You've GOAT to be kidding me. That's enough puns. Check out this baby goat born with one eye!
Killer Seal Drags Little Girl into Water Like a JerkYou ever see those videos of a dog "viciously" attacking someone and it turns out the dog is just doing cute puppy things? Well, this sea lion is legit being vicious. Thankfully, someone saved the little girl!
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 05-19-2017 / Who Wears a Tux to the Billboard Awards?On the show today John Dolmayan visited us in studio and talked about System of a Down, Chris Cornell's sudden passing, and his comic book store, Torpedo Comics; We have an update on Chris Cornell; an all new Blooper Reel; Beer for Breakfast featuring Elysian Space Dust; and Bossy Rossy confronted us about giving away his tickets to the Billboard Awards and it ended with him storming off -- whoops.
Dave and Mahoney interview John Dolmayan from SOAD / 5-19-2017John Dolmayan stopped by the studios today to give his take on Chris Cornell's sudden passing, new music from System of a Down, and the grand opening of his comic book store, Torpedo Comics.
This Is Why We Will Never EVER Go to Another Building Implosion Again!!Seriously this freaked us out hard...
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 05-18-2017 / Say Hello to HeavenToday, we paid tribute to Chris Cornell who died at the age of 52.
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 05-17-2017 / She Witherspooned MeIt's Whiskey Wednesday featuring Dad's Hat! Jimmy Fallon pointed out on the Tonight Show Monday night that Trump's Liberty University commencement address was pretty similar to a scene from Legally Blonde. We've got audio and you can be the judge; Mahoney was NOT a winner in "Are You Smarter Than a Community College Drop Out"; we have audio of a group of kids who decided they wanted to get pepper sprayed; plus Bob Saget joined us on the show!

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