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MMA FIX: Ronda Rousey Talks About Her Legacy

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey hasn’t just become the biggest star of the UFC – She’s also become an enormous star in Hollywood.


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PODcast: 08-17-15 Female Viagra Hitting The Shelves – WTFlorida?! – What Do You Hoard?

On our last Monday in Las Vegas, we talked about female Viagra, and how it will be hitting the shelves very soon, V. Stiviano, and how she claims to be responsible for all the Clippers’ success, we played a game called ‘What The Florida?!’, and then we took calls, asking “What do you horde or refuse to throw away?”



Mocha Is Our Rescue Dog Of The Week And He Needs A Forever Family!

Mocha is a beautiful 1 year old pit mix puppy. He’s very energetic and playful and gets along well with other dogs, but we don’t know about cats since he hasn’t been around any yet. […]


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MMA FIX: Conor McGregor Vs Jose Aldo Is Back On… Chael Sonnen Thinks It’ll Fall Through

Saturday, December 12, will be a big day here in Las Vegas – UFC 194 will be taking place…



PODcast: 08-14-15 JJ Watt Could Eat Your Baby For Breakfast, Aliens Exist, and Dumb Criminals are Dumb

On Friday, we talked about JJ Watt’s insane diet, how scientist believe aliens are on earth, and a dumb graffiti artist that decided to spray paint cop cars. Full Show:


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PODcast: 08-13-15 Man Gets In Trouble With HOA For BBQ Smoke – Raiders Moving From Oakland?

On Throwback Thursday, we talked about a man who got in trouble with his HOA for letting his BBQ smoke into his neighbor’s yard… The Buffalo Bills, and how they immediately picked up the guy who punched Geno Smith in the face, and also a mother who taught her son how to blow in to the breathalyzer that starts her car…


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Google Has Changed It’s Name!

While it may not seem to make much sense for such a well known brand to change it’s name, Google has done exactly that….sort of. They have changed the name of their parent company to […]


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PODcast: 08-12-15 Woman Tries To Sneak Weed Filled Bible Into Jail – Movie Quote Quiz

On Wednesday, we talked about a woman who tried to sneak a weed filled bible into jail, Geno Smith, and how he was sucker punched in the face by his own teammate, and then we played the ‘Movie Quote Quiz’…



Say Hi To Joaquin! He’s Our Rescue Dog Of The Week Looking For Some Love!

Joaquin is a 1-1/2 year old bulldog mix, approximately 65 lbs, and is such a comedian. He loves going on walks, laying around at the park, and tagging along for rides in the car. He […]


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PODcast: 08-11-15 Donald Trump & Megyn Kelly Going At It – What BASIC Skill Have You Forgotten?

On Tuesday, we talked about North Korea, and how they want to create their own time zone… Steve-O, and how he was arrested for protesting Sea World in an unusual way, and then we took calls, asking “What BASIC skill have you forgotten, or never learned, how to do?”


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Dave and Mahoney’s 3rd Annual Xtober Beer Fest

Dave and Mahoney hosted their third annual Xtober Beer Fest on Fremont Street this past weekend. We had a live music, food, games, and LOTS of beer!

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