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Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 04-21-2017 / Yeasty BiscuitsWe had the latest installment of the Blooper Reel and Bossy Rossy came to visit us in the studio ... because we forgot to give out the code word -- again. That Unicorn Frap that has everyone going crazy? Well, it made a 19-year-old Starbucks barista have a meltdown saying he's never been so stressed out in his entire life and we've got the audio. Also a girl twerking on the side of the road caused one man to crash. Plus, one woman saved a man's life on their *first date* when he collapsed; they're going on a second date.
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 04-20-2017 / Crazy GMO LadyOn this Throwback Thursday / 8th DAM Anniversary, we open prison mail from Jane who threw a little shade at the OG inmates -- Courtney and Nicole. Did you know Bossy Rossy also interrupted Sean Spicer? We've got audio of him trying to ensure everyone that he is the "real" Mahoney -- and they all laughed.
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 04-19-2017 / IT CAN'T BE THAT GOOD!It's Whiskey Wednesday and today we are featuring Templeton Rye. More prison mail came in this time from Becca who said she loved a candlelit dinner and, uh, extreme sexy time. We learned that Chipotle is raising prices for the first time in three years, a faulty light fixture is to blame for the fire at the Bellagio, and a couple doing the deed interrupts a tennis match.
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 04-18-2017 / Reverse FartOn today's show, we made it happen for listener, Kristin, who loved the show "All That" particularly actor Kyle Sullivan; however, we couldn't get Kyle so the lovely Lisa joined us who was also in the show back in the day. She brought Kristin some goodies which included a rad "All That" jean jacket plus a cast photo. Creepy Kevin called in today. He has the hots for Sylvia and asked when she last had a pedicure. Bossy Rossy came to the studio once again and Mahoney called him a "reverse fart".
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 04-17-2017 / OctopussiesToday we learned that Ian and Dave had quite the night at Bastille. Ian saw a woman miraculously get up from her wheelchair and Dave had dinner with Bossy Rossy before the show where he ordered the expensive items on the list and then split. Also, Dave gives us his impression of Bossy Rossy eating octopussies. Mahoney proves to be victorious yet again in Sexy or Salty Spanish Lessons with Sylvia. Our Question of the Day was: would you ever date someone wealthy for an "easy life".
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 04-14-2017 / Free the JibbletsIt's Friday so that means we drink! Goose Island 312 is featured in this week's Beer for Breakfast. The Blooper Reel is back and showcases our not-so-great moments. Listener, Melinda, called in to tell us that Mahoney's implied nude photo shoot was "disgusting" but we concluded that she was actually turned on #FreeTheJibblets
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 04-13-2017 / These Are Stupid QuestionsBossy Rossy is at it again -- this time, we learn that he recorded Dave and Mahoney during a promotions meeting. We learn that George and Amal Clooney sleep in different bedrooms because he snores like a monster especially after a few tequilas and Fear Factor is getting a reboot ... on MTV ... with Ludacris. Plus, Mahoney was victorious in "Are You Smarter Than a Community College Dropout" beating Brian (whom Mahoney kept calling Ryan).
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 04-12-2017 / Wash You Down with SoapsOn the show today, Old Lady Nora called in and who knew she could drop some beats. She's also hoping to get a picture of Dave's implied nude photo. Dave and Sylvia learned that "kickback" is definitely a thing with the younger generation and it's all thanks for Mahoney. Plus we featured Whistle Pig 10 Year on Whiskey Wednesday and we asked, "Have you ever had a prized possession stolen from you?"
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 04-11-2017 / Things Are About to Get WeirdToday Mahoney was in the Hot Seat and answered questions like, "would you rather stub your toe for the rest of your life or pop a zit on someone's rear with your teeth?" Answer: He'd rather stub his toe. We found out more information about the doctor who got kicked out United Airlines and it's pretty sleazy. Plus a guy makes a woman pick up dog poop with her bare hands, 50 cent punches a super aggressive fan then invites her onstage to twerk it out, and Ric Flaire was kicked out of a bar for acting like a moron -- WOOOOOO!!!
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 04-10-2017 / Soul-piercing EyesToday was the big reveal of the sexy implied-nude photoshoot with Mahoney and it was everything. Find it on Instagram -- @DaveandMahoney. Dave broke Bossy Rossy's Tom Brady bobblehead over the weekend. Plus, Bossy Rossy tells us he came face to face with a listener and it got ugly
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 04-07-2017 / BlizzdogToday on the show, we have come up with the next best frozen dairy treat called the Blizzdog, Ian made a compilation of Bossy Rossy and it. is. glorious. Plus it's Friday which means Beer for Breakfast featuring Lagunitas Pils.
Beer for Breakfast: Lagunitas PILSMahoney's Latest Beer for Breakfast Review! This week featuring Lagunitas PILS!

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