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Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 03-24-2017 / I'm Famous!Today's show was a doozy! We brought back Friday Five where we take our five favorite audios of the week and play them back for you. Plus our prison pen pals, Nicole and Courtney, give us a call, and Dave learns the hard truth that his eyes aren't as blue as Mahoney's.
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 03-23-2017 / I Feel Really VulnerableToday, we find out our weird habits, learn that we aren't very sneaky after all, and discover the best claymation video of all time!
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 03-22-2017 / Self-AffirminationOn today's show, we've got the Movie Quote Quiz, Sylvia gives her oral report on Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Mahoney stumbles on the word "affirmation".
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 03-21-2017 / About 10 Cups of GoonToday we learn that car twerking is all the rage apparently, test Mahoney's Spanish in Salty or Sexy Spanish lessons with Sylvia, and you can impress a chick by jumping into croc-infested waters.
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 03-20-2017 / Is the World Flat?Someone found Tom Brady's missing jersey, Shaquille O'Neal thinks the world is flat, and Dave has definitely lost his cool factor.
The X-Effect Playlist: 10PM - Midnight - 03/19/2017Your weekly dose of New Music, Local Artists & more!
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 03-17-2017 / St. Paddy's Day
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 03-16-2017 / That's CRAZYOn the show today, we find out about a boozy push pop called Buzz Pops, take calls from the ladies to see if women really do troll on dating apps more than men, and see if a listener is smarter than Mahoney in Are You Smarter Than a Community College Dropout.
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 03-15-2017 / The Ides of MarchIt's Whiskey Wednesday where we didn't drink whiskey this time -- whoops. BUT we have the Movie Quote Quiz, find out ways to NOT get spied on, and learn that smoking fake weed is probably not a good idea.
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 03-14-2017 / 68 going on 69On today's show we put Sylvia in the Hot Seat where she answered your questions, learn that people think they're nicer than they really are, and get a call from a frisky older listener we've lovingly nicknamed "Old Lady Nora".
Dave and Mahoney PODcast: 03-13-2017 / Going CommandoMissed THE Party Marty calling into the show? Listen to that whackadoo again plus we find out what college students do with their loans, Kyle Busch gets into it with Joey Logano (and loses), and we ask the important question -- would you put an extra pep in your step to feel your butt jiggle?
The X-Effect Playlist: 10PM - Midnight - 03/12/2017Your weekly dose of New Music, Local Artists & more!

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