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Tom DeLonge is Not Hunting Aliens, He’s Informing the Public

"I have been given a gift, the ability to tell you all our biggest secret."

By Jay Tilles

Tom DeLonge is growing wearing of silly stories about leaving Blink-182 to find aliens.

In a post today, DeLonge attempts to convey the seriousness of his new projects, his new novel Sekret Machines in particular. But much to his dismay, DeLonge is not being taken as seriously as he’d like, especially by some in the media. DeLonge made it clear during an interview with last year, that he pulled back his involvement in Blink-182 to pursue something he considered bigger and more fulfilling. According the musician and entrepreneur, the time gained by not recording and touring with the band afforded him the ability to build a business based on his passions. This new business, called To The Stars, has already released comics, novels, and short films with documentaries and features films on the way.

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DeLonge has taken his love of fantasy and fascination with extraterrestrial life and made a business out of it, but not without first doing his homework. Such research included taking meetings with potential advisors from with the U.S. government and military. DeLonge is not out to prove he believes in aliens. He’s out to prove they exist, have made contact, and that many high-ranking officials know it. This research has culminated in a trilogy of books that DeLonge co-wrote with author A.J. Hartley, titled Sekret Machines.

DeLonge detailed the situation in an interview with Mic. “When you’re an individual like me, dealing with something that’s a national security issue, and you’re being gifted with the opportunity to communicate something you’ve been passionate about your whole life—something that has the opportunity to change the world over time–being a small part of that is enormously important for my life path.”

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DeLonge posted a message today imploring fans to take his new line of work seriously.

I landed on the Tarmac, walked off the plane, and met a smart, fit man in his 60’s. Never seen a Multi-Star General before.. Let alone talked to one. He led me to a table in the back of a large room. He leaned across the table and said “It was the Cold War, and we lived under the very real threat of Nuclear War every day… And somewhere in those years…We found a life-form.” I said, “Sir, I need help telling young adults this story…” He said, “What do you need?”….”Advisors”, I responded. “I need high-ranking Advisors in the Military, Intelligence and DOD to help guide me.” So- I was given 10 Advisors, each with knowledge in different areas that pertain to UFOs and the very real National Security issues associated with them. I do wish the press would ask me about this, rather than write stupid headlines about Aliens… I have been given a gift, the ability to tell you all our biggest secret. It will come in books, feature films and documentaries. It’s called SEKRET MACHINES. The first Novel is AVAILABLE at AMAZON and ToTheStars.Media

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