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5 Things To STOP Doing Right Now

1. STOP: spending time with the wrong people!

photo credit:thinkstock

photo credit:thinkstock

Life is too short to spend time with people who such the happiness out of you. Be wary of those who stand by you when you are at your best, but gone at your worst.

 2.  STOP: complaining and feeling sorry for yourself!

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photo credit:thinkstock

Instead, look inward and focus on the things you are greatful for, and take steps to bettering yourself on the things you can change and be at peace with the things you cannot. Life throws us curveballs to lead us in another path, although we may not understand at the time, looking back at past negative experiences, they have lead us to a better place.

   3. STOP: following the path of least resistance!

photo credit:thinkstock

photo credit:thinkstock

Challenge yourself to go for that bigger picture instead of playing it safe. Believe in yourself. Life isn’t easy when you are going for something great, so don’t expect it to be. Saddle up and enjoy the adventure.

     4. STOP: Looking to others to make YOURSELF happy!

photo credit:thinkstock

photo credit:thinkstock

You are in control of your own happiness. People may come into your life and add value to it, but what happens when they are gone? Get to know yourself and what truly thrives your passion, be honest with yourself in what you really crave. Love yourself first and others will see how you shine.

    5. STOP: Talking about it, and do it!

photo credit: thinkstock

photo credit: thinkstock


If you find yourself saying, “I’m gonna start that tomorrow” or “I wish I could do that”…what’s stopping you? Write down a goal, then steps toward that goal and put it into action.

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