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Best Thanksgiving Specials To Counteract Those Awkward Family Moments

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Every family has at least one creepy uncle, a crazy aunt who talks about nothing but her 15 cats, a silent Grandma who’s dying to well…. die, or a grandfather whose expectation you will never live up to. So instead of hearing a bunch of “back in my day” stories, here are 5 things to put on that brand new 50 inch plasma to make Thanksgiving a little less awkward.

Crazy Cat Hoarding Aunt?

Tune in:

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Are you a dog person? Well, Aunt Carol makes anybody a dog person with her thousands of cat stories.

What better to put on the tube than the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Honestly, who can’t find anything in common with marching bands, giant flying Kermit the Frogs, massive turkeys (still in bird-form), and a preview of Santa Clause? A simple reminder that this is all happening again next month. See ya again in December, Aunt Carol. Tell Scrunchies we say hi.

Odd Cousins from Out-Of-State?

Tune in:

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Day Special

It’s those odd cousins from out-of-state; Those weirdos that you’ve only met once in your life but claim to be family even though you can’t quite pinpoint how you’re related. They’re the ones who keep saying, “Remember when we babysat  you? You were 2!” Who remembers anything from when they were 2?

Well, if you can’t relate on a family level, at least you all can relate to Charlie Brown and his Thanksgiving Day Special.

Lets face it, who doesn’t like Charlie Brown

The New Girlfriend

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