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We Have A Winner! 30 Seconds To Mars Guitar Contest.

30stmm1 We Have A Winner! 30 Seconds To Mars Guitar Contest.

New Year’s Eve is crazy here in Las Vegas, but for one of these lucky guys its going to be extra amazing.  Below are our finalists for the 30 Seconds to Mars Guitar Contest.  The winner gets to play ON STAGE with the band on New Year’s Eve.  AWESOME.  Check out their videos, vote for your favorite, and help give one of them the greatest NYE ever….ever.  Poll closes Wednesday, so vote early and often.

Winner -  ROCKGOD

Rockgod may be awesome at guitar, but sucks at youtube videos apparently, but here’s a link to some audio



Check out our results from the concert


One Comment

  1. Rockgoddess says:

    Go Rockgod!!!! You can do it babe! Come on people….keep him in the lead! 🙂

    1. Dick Rasch says:


  2. Sam says:

    You guys are all great… Carlos Rosas what a great attitude you have. I dont know you but you have my vote because of your attitude. People should play fair, this is just for fun. Good Luck to all and remember its for fun.

    1. Carlos Rosas says:

      Thanx man, i appreciate your vote. Yea dude Im just glad to be a finalist. Everyone is great. Good luck and hope who ever wins enjoys themselvs on stage. GOODLUCK!!

  3. Cara says:

    This guys got it all!! Looks and can play!!

  4. Me says:


  5. Tasha says:

    Vote ROCKGOD! He is amazingly talented!

    1. Dick Rasch says:


      1. Tasha says:

        I”ve heard him play so I have every right to say what I want. You don’t like, then bug off!

  6. Brandon Pavlov says:

    Rockgod should not be in the running. The last time I checked we were voting on the video’s that were sent in , Rockgod only sent in a audio How the hell do we know who’s playing the guitar……

    disqualification anyone.! ! ! !

  7. dan says:

    i don’t want to cast aspersions on anyone, but when you vote for either of the mikes, their vote percentage goes down .2 and rockgod’s goes up .2. Is that happening for anybody else?

  8. Precious says:

    Haven’t you people ever heard of the phrase, “In ROCKgod we trust”…. Well now you have, so go vote for him already!!!! 🙂

  9. Rockgod says:

    VOTE Mike Walling he has 1 arm and is really good don’t vote me He Deserves it!!

  10. Dave says:

    I am sad to say that this contest is rigged. Since late last night or early this morning when a vote is made for any of 7 finalists the percentage of their vote goes down and at the same time one finalists numbers go up ! I am disheartened that this radio station would conduct business this way. You told us to vote and we did and now that the results are not what you want, you fix them? There are no losers in these videos, they are all extremely talented. It is sad that the people who created this contest couldn’t trust their own system.

    1. Me says:

      I noticed the same thing. How could this be? Would someone tell me? Any one of these guys has the talent to play with any major band. I wouldn’t think that it needed to be a popularity contest. Maybe 30 Seconds to Mars needs to choose!!!

  11. Africa :D says:

    VOTE ROCKGOD!!! Not only is he super talented, but he is super goofy, loving and just an all around GREAT guy!!! He deserves this chance of a lifetime!!! Love You guys!!! 😉

  12. ewreck says:

    Mike walling just inspired me to recycle!
    that guy is crazy . He diserves to win this !

  13. Tristan Thunders says:

    I dont understand how one person can go from 16% of the vote to over 30% of the vote over night. Something is not right here. If there are vote times, X107.5 should look into that because of IP proxy changers. Cheating can very well be involved…

  14. Frankie Hanache says:

    STFU he is not better than Walling and if he is GET A GUITAR BATTLE!!!

  15. logan nester says:


  16. Dick Rasch says:

    You have no talent whatsoever Rockgod and you know it, I cant wait to see you crash and fucking burn new years!!!

  17. danny mehanna says:

    everyone vote for MIKE WALLING he only has one hand and is clearly thebest

  18. ewreck says:

    mike walling is amazing
    he inspires me to recycle.

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